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Retargeting for Credit Unions: How to Keep Your Potential Members Engaged

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Did you know that only 2 percent of visitors to most websites convert to a purchase of a product or service on the first visit? Whether they’re not yet ready to buy or enroll, or want to continue their search, the remaining 98% are bound to click away from your website, and we all know the old adage—“out of sight, out of mind.” But what if you could keep your…


How to Survive Google’s Mobilegeddon

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If your website design is not optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone, it should be. A comScore report says smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60% of all online traffic. And now, Google’s found a way to reinforce the message that mobile-friendly matters. This past February, Google released a statement warning business owners of an impending change that would forever alter the game of mobile SEO –…


Smart Watches and Your Credit Union

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  Banking with Wearable Technology The introduction of wearable technology is rapidly changing the way society operates. The impact of wearable devices, however, goes beyond just social behavior – it’s intended to change and improve everyday lives, healthcare and personal finances. A new and significant game changer in the wearable devices market is the Apple Watch, released to the public in April 2015. Smart watches are anticipated to lead the…

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You’re Missing the Mark on Customer Connections

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How to build stronger and more meaningful relationships Consumers are more digitally connected than ever before, now arming them with the information to be more insistent on truth and quality. In fact, a recent Nielsen report states the average U.S. consumer spends approximately 60 hours a week absorbing content online. This abundance of knowledge significantly increases the expectation customers have of your credit union. The fact is – customers expect…

Credit Union and Banks

Bridging the consumer gap between credit unions and banks

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As we all know, credit unions comprise a relatively small portion of the overall banking market – accounting for 9.5% of the savings market, 10% of the credit market and 6.8% of the total assets under control.  It’s interesting to note, however, that there are slightly more credit unions in the United States than there are banks.  So, one must wonder:  Why do credit unions lag so far behind as…

Credit Unions Digital Presence

Living an “Active Digital Lifestyle”

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Why credit unions should transform their digital presence Technology is transforming the way we live. It is changing the way people communicate, connect and discover. It’s turning the average consumer into an informed consumer, and continues to influence their behavior. Businesses with an active digital lifestyle tend to maintain a competitive edge by furthering their engagement with consumers and establishing trust. However, there are many businesses that do not see…


3 Credit Union Web Design Elements That Drive New Membership

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You’ve heard it stated time and time again – first impressions are everything. Studies show that 90% of a consumer’s first impression of a brand is based on visual elements, and in the digital age, this certainly includes your credit union’s website. When evaluating the effectiveness of your credit union’s website there are several factors to keep in mind to make the best first impression for all users.

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Targeted Communication and Onboarding Credit Union Members

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Onboarding is a popular process in the credit union industry that encourages new members to take advantage of more services through your credit union. More than 59% of financial marketers admit that they focus heavily on this process, and attest to communication being the key to seeing the successful onboarding of new members. The secret to successful onboarding doesn’t stop at communication, but only improves the more targeted that communication…

A credit union marketing consultant fixing a puzzling problem.

How marketing consultants overcome the biggest credit union marketing issues

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Over 30 percent of financial marketers report that marketing budgets and a lack of manpower behind their strategies are their biggest issues. There is a myth within the industry that “effective marketing” is expensive marketing. As a credit union marketing consultant, I have seen many situations that prove there is a solution to the problem.

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Your Credit Union Marketing Plans Should Include Improving Financial Literacy Of Members

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“Financial Literacy” is a $2 term that basically just means keeping your members knowledgeable about the industry in which you operate. In the development of your credit union marketing plans, consideration should be given to showcase your commitment to your members and the community, and an effective way to do this is to develop avenues to help keep your members financially educated.