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You’re Missing the Mark on Customer Connections

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How to build stronger and more meaningful relationships Consumers are more digitally connected than ever before, now arming them with the information to be more insistent on truth and quality. In fact, a recent Nielsen report states the average U.S. consumer spends approximately 60 hours a week absorbing content online. This abundance of knowledge significantly increases the expectation customers have of your credit union. The fact is – customers expect…

Credit Unions Digital Presence

Living an “Active Digital Lifestyle”

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Why credit unions should transform their digital presence Technology is transforming the way we live. It is changing the way people communicate, connect and discover. It’s turning the average consumer into an informed consumer, and continues to influence their behavior. Businesses with an active digital lifestyle tend to maintain a competitive edge by furthering their engagement with consumers and establishing trust. However, there are many businesses that do not see…

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Targeted Communication and Onboarding Credit Union Members

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Onboarding is a popular process in the credit union industry that encourages new members to take advantage of more services through your credit union. More than 59% of financial marketers admit that they focus heavily on this process, and attest to communication being the key to seeing the successful onboarding of new members. The secret to successful onboarding doesn’t stop at communication, but only improves the more targeted that communication…

Extra Credit Union Marketing closes a deal

Three Reasons Your Members Choose Your Credit Union

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Attracting the attention of potential new members can be one of the most challenging aspects of a credit union marketing department. However, knowing what your potential members are looking may be the key to success. Here at Extra Credit Union Marketing, we have determined that the three main attributes that today’s potential members look for is convenience, online services and customer service.


How Credit Unions Can Track Offline Media

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As digital technology has evolved, marketers have come to expect detailed reporting on their online media spend, including, at the very least, impressions, clicks and view based metrics. Ideally engagement, leads and, ultimately, sales/revenue attribution is tracked also. We can also gauge performance by ad unit size, creative execution, offer messaging and geo-targeting—the list goes on. As the agency, our job is to distil the vast amount of raw data…


Mobile Optimization for Credit Union Websites

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Many financial consumers look to big banks for their financial needs out of sheer convenience. Around 42% of American consumers admit they chose to stay with their current banking institution over switching to a credit union because of the location and convenience factor. While you might find it difficult to add more physical locations, one convenience you can provide potential new members is a mobile optimized website. This simple service…


Why Social Media Marketing is the New Word-of-Mouth

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In times past, you may have gone to your family and your friends to research which banking institution was right for you. The same goes today, but consumers are communicating with their friends and “trusted advisors” via social media. A recent LinkedIn study found that 63 percent of affluent consumers research financial services and products on social media before making decisions, and these decisions range from basic account services to…

Working to Improve Credit Union Member Communication

Improving Credit Union Member Communication

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Effective communication is the key to success in credit union membership relations. However many credit unions seem to forget that there are two parts to it. Organizations today often master the art of getting information to their members, but are extremely weak in the area of listening their member’s responses to the marketing messages they are sending. There are a few primary tools that your institution can use to effectively…

Credit Unions and Agency Forming a Relationship

Working Together – The Credit Union-Agency Relationship

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As a credit union marketing consultant, with an advertising agency background , I always support the relationship between the credit union and the advertising agency. Here’s why! When it comes to perfecting a strategic plan that carries your credit union’s messaging accurately and effectively, it’s often best to partner. Creative advertising agencies with experience in the financial industry are savvy to the trends and intricacies of the sector, allowing them to craft…

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Are You Creating A Unique Brand Experience?

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From comparing prices and rates to evaluating offers and features, EPM Communications reports 33 percent of consumers, potential members of your credit union, research banks and financial companies online when selecting an institution. While technology has made it easier for potential members to find information on your credit union, convenience and broad access means they are also likely to find your competitors’ sites and offers. Coupled with a hyper-competitive market,…