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Like any good communicator, Larry understands that all great collaborations start with a conversation. Please, feel free to contact him directly at 407-585-8230 or

For over twenty years, Larry has developed, created and implemented brand strategies for a multitude of prominent credit unions, proving to be an essential asset in helping each institution define and refine member and potential member messaging, as well as roll-out new service lines while securing an increase in market share in the process.  

Larry’s breadth of experience in the field has afforded him a comprehensive understanding of the inner-workings of credit unions. While on the outside, banks and credit unions may seem very similar, but under the surface, the two types of institutions couldn’t be more different. These variances warrant highly specific positioning and targeting strategies, the intricacies of which can only be uncovered through extensive experience. With first-hand knowledge of the marketing and advertising approaches best equipped to carry out credit union messaging while delivering positive results, Larry is able to convey brand ideals while holding true to the institution’s core values and personality.

As the catalyst of his agency’s proprietary strategic planning process, “invōk sessions,” Larry has been instrumental in the discovery (or, sometimes, rediscovery) and identification of core brand values and principles for a number of organizations in the financial arena. This in-depth process works to ensure communication efforts remain consistent in execution across multiple platforms and media channels, producing measurable results while meeting client objectives, whether those are membership retention and recruitment, adoption of new service offerings, partnership programs for added membership value or increased utilization of current credit union offerings.

Larry’s broad range of strategic counseling services include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Assessment of your brand’s current performance in relation to the competitive and comparable set
  • Development of a unique marketing strategy for your brand, inclusive key performance indicators, metrics and measurements

As a valued resource for industry knowledge, Larry shares key insights and information that can only be gathered through first-hand experience in the field through a variety of speaking and discussion engagements. With years of credit union marketing involvement under his belt, Larry is able to communicate accurate findings, comprehensive analyses, and engaging, and often entertaining, insider tales relating to the financial sector.

Larry’s penchant for promoting discussion and building excitement is also evident in his extensive participation across social media channels, including his agency’s Twitter account, “@evoklarry,” boasting 60,000 followers and recognized by BlogAds as the most followed I-Brand advertising agency on the planet.

With an experienced vantage point and poignant insights, Larry is equipped to share information on key industry subjects, including:

  • Developing Your Brand Story
  • Inbound Marketing Fatal Flaws
  • Advertising Regression Analysis
  • Maximizing ROI in Social Media
  • Trends in Consumer Marketing

Like any good communicator, Larry understands that all great collaborations start with a conversation. Please, feel free to contact him directly at 407-585-8230 or



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