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Working to Improve Credit Union Member Communication

Improving Credit Union Member Communication

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Effective communication is the key to success in credit union membership relations. However many credit unions seem to forget that there are two parts to it. Organizations today often master the art of getting information to their members, but are extremely weak in the area of listening their member’s responses to the marketing messages they are sending. There are a few primary tools that your institution can use to effectively…

Credit Unions and Agency Forming a Relationship

Working Together – The Credit Union-Agency Relationship

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As a credit union marketing consultant, with an advertising agency background , I always support the relationship between the credit union and the advertising agency. Here’s why! When it comes to perfecting a strategic plan that carries your credit union’s messaging accurately and effectively, it’s often best to partner. Creative advertising agencies with experience in the financial industry are savvy to the trends and intricacies of the sector, allowing them to craft…

Digital Marketing Strategies for Credit Unions

Digital Marketing Strategies For Credit Unions

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Marketing has gone digital and credit union marketing is no exception. In today’s day, it is imperative for credit unions to monitor their online presence, create quality content, manage their social media profiles effectively and put forth an ongoing SEO strategy. According to, 86% of consumers say search engines are very important in the buying and decision making process. Negative reviews online threaten hard-earned search result rankings. Credit union…

Credit Union Members learning more about their current credit union

3 Ways to Engage Your Current Credit Union Members

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Your members are the reason your credit union exists. They have already made a commitment to you and your credit union, making them your most valuable asset. Isn’t it about time you let them know? Your current members’ loyalty and participation are what keeps your institution going, growing and thriving. However, you must keep communication lines open and the conversation alive in order to continue to cultivate the relationship. If…

A couple shaking hands with a local credit union owner.

Are You Creating A Unique Brand Experience?

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From comparing prices and rates to evaluating offers and features, EPM Communications reports 33 percent of consumers, potential members of your credit union, research banks and financial companies online when selecting an institution. While technology has made it easier for potential members to find information on your credit union, convenience and broad access means they are also likely to find your competitors’ sites and offers. Coupled with a hyper-competitive market,…

A Tablet Showing Marketing Analytics

Three Budget Allocation Tips From Extra Credit Union Marketing

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  From my 20 years of experience as a marketing consultant for Extra Credit Union Marketing, I’ve learned that the best way to prepare a strong marketing strategy is to start by looking at the budget. Regardless if you work for a local credit union or a federal credit union, knowing what you are able to spend is absolutely critical. Deciding how to allocate your credit union’s marketing budget is no small feat…

Credit Union Promotional Items

Using Promotional Items to Brand Your Credit Union

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Who doesn’t like free stuff? Giving away promotional items branded with your credit union’s logo, tagline and contact information is an excellent way to help put your name directly in front of potential members. As can be seen at any sporting event or show, people go absolutely crazy – shoving, jumping and screaming – for some usually nominally priced piece of tchotchke, with YOUR logo on it. Promotional item marketing…

Building Credit Union Brands Through Story Telling

Using Emotional Storytelling to Market Your Credit Union

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Emotion motivates and inspires people to make decisions and take action. As human beings, we tend to make decisions based on emotion and then justify that decision with reasoning we find or create after the fact. This is crucial information to consider when crafting messages designed to drive potential members to make a desired decision. For example, a young entrepreneur who feels that they are already taking a significant risk…

Pieces of paper that read: Strategy, Loyalty, Brand, Integrity

Establishing Strong and Lasting Brand Reputations for Credit Unions

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Take a minute to think of the top five most valuable brands according to – Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Google. Although you may not realize it, you associated a specific thought (whether it was negative or positive) with each of these brands. These conclusions and brand identities that become second nature to us are exactly what credit unions should strive for when marketing their brands to potential and…

Credit Union Marketers running with laptops

How Credit Union Specialists Use Competitive Analyses

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From regional and national banks to alternative financial institutions, credit unions face heavy competitions from several directions. When it comes to developing an efficient and ultimately successful marketing plan, considering your competitors should be one of the primary steps in your strategizing process. A competitive analysis is an integral part of any comprehensive marketing plan, and is the sword and shield of any decent credit union specialist.  It is used…